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The Grace Leer Band Logo

Project Overview

Project Brief

Create a badge style logo for The Grace Leer Band.

Project Title:

The Grace Leer Band Logo


Adobe Illustrator


2 Weeks

The Grace Leer Band

Design Challenge


Design Challenge:

Create a badge-style logo that uses the whole name ``The Grace Leer Band`` The logo should be fun and girly, but not necessarily young. The logo must use a script font of some kind to relate to her original logo.



We used a contemporary script font and customized it to connect the 'G' and 'L' and incorporated some floral doodles that add a bit of nostalgia to the logo. We were inspired by a college student in a lecture with one earbud in doodling in the margins.


Looking Forward

I always like to consider, how else a logo be used or how else a logo evolve in the future. This solution allows us to really have fun with the logo without watering down the core identity, by switching out the florals. Imagine a logo for a pizza and beer night where the band is playing or iconic city elements for a concert.

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