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Stone Cow Brewery

Project Overview

Project Brief

Develop a new logo, visual identity, and package design for a craft brewery.

Project Title:

Beer Rebrand


Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


10 Weeks


NEIT Package Design 2;<br /> NEIT Digital Publishing 3;<br /> NEIT Marketing and Brand Strategy


Design Challenge / Specs

A brewery with a mission + history.

Stone Cow Brewery opened in an effort to save the fifth-generation family dairy farm it’s located on. The beer is brewed completely sustainably and it will allow the farm to survive for generations to come.

The original branding is swirly, and little bit young feeling and seemed to be a disconnect from the actual brewery, in a beautiful old barn with a fire fit and fairy lights all around, right in the middle of the farm.



Broadside Typography + 1800s Woodcut Illustrations // Inspired by history and traditional printmaking



The Helicopter: Interactive, Social, Nostalgic, Nurturing, Potential, Positivity

The Old Logo:
  • Cow Head
  • Diamond Holding Shape
  • “Stone Cow Brewery”
  • Curly Typography
  • Four Leaf Clover Icon
The New Logo
  • Wind Vain
  • Farm Building Holding Shape
  • Added the word “Farm”
  • Wood-Block Inspired Type
  • Arrow, Pointing Toward the Future

Save the Farm Badge

To drive home the mission behind this brewery, I created a badge to ``stamp`` on everywhere we can. It says everything we need to about why this brewery is so awesome while looking great with the rest of the marketing materials.


All the Puns

A healthy dose of farm puns.

A healthy dose of farm puns adds a fresh look to a design style that could otherwise read as “too serious”. It is a serious topic, saving family farms, but drinking is fun and we wanted to create something you’d not only feel good about bringing over to a friends house, but something you enjoy bringing over to a friends house!


Line Extensions

Alliteration + Farm Animals

Rather than using color to distinguish different brews, we used a different farm animal for each brew. This makes it easy to communicate and distinguish brews in a fun and unique way. Since the craft brew aisle is typically crowded, and not given premium placement, a consistent color palette and small scale brand blocking will help consumers find the brew even when it’s tucked away on the bottom shelf.

BrieAnna Patrick