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I’m BrieAnna Patrick

I’m a graphic designer and photographer. I’m passionate (i.e. super nerdy) about branding and user experience.

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Explainer Video

Project Overview

Project Brief

Design and animate a 2-minute explainer video to promote everydayfeminism.com and explain the difference between privilege, oppression, and struggle.

Project Title:

Explainer Video


Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Audition


7 Weeks // 04.13.18 – 06.01.18


NEIT, Motion Graphics Two + NEIT, Motion Graphics Design




Concept: Explain privilege, especially male privilege, using a bike path analogy.


Mood Board

Style: Quirky and light-hearted, with a color palette inspired by rockabilly style and ice cream. The idea is to present the subject matter in an upbeat manner while remaining informative. I call the overall look “rockabilly-hipster”


Voiceover Artist

I chose Daniel Valdez to narrate because his big voice compliments the playful visual style.



Designed by: Travis Miller Design
Jupiter Inline Shadow This whimsical and engaging and quirky font was the perfect fit. With stackable layers, it can take on a completely new look each time it’s used and the forms look nostalgic but somehow still fresh.


Color Palette

The color palette is soft, muted and hipster-inspired. It nods to the rockabilly style while remaining fresh and fun.


Retro Shape Assets

Designer: Caitlin Howe
These shapes by the incredibly talented Caitlin Howe were a blast to work with and reinforced that rockabilly feel.


Skyline Assets

Designer: Tugcu Design Co.
These skyline shapes were transformed into a parallax city scene.



This bold and bright soundtrack complimented the voiceover and image style perfectly. It is upbeat but not overly so. The track features jazz samples, a hip hop beat, electric bass, electric piano, and saxophone.


Character Design and Rigging

Character Design Designer: Good Studio
https://creativemarket.com/Good_Studio These characters are perfect for telling this story, they look young, fun and approachable. They came to me with a whole load of seperate body parts, expressions and clothes, all ready to be animated. I certainly do not consider myself a character designer, so finding Good Studio was a godsend.


Final Result

All of the assets and audio were adjusted for animation, animated, and compiled into an explainer video, set to the voiceover.

BrieAnna Patrick