Well, hello there!

I’m BrieAnna Patrick

I’m a graphic designer and photographer. I’m passionate (i.e. super nerdy) about branding and user experience.


Project Overview

Project Brief

Create a brand and pasta box with line extension opportunities for an up and coming pasta company sells a high-quality pasta. It’s made from only two ingredients: organic corn and organic quinoa. The company wants to stand out from the existing “natural” “organic” and “gluten-free” brands.

Project Title:



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop


4 Weeks


NEIT, Package Design One




Luxury Pasta


Marketing Brief

Unique Selling Proposition (USP): High quality organic pasta for people who don't wan't to be hippies.
Target Market: Men ages 24-57 who appreciate quality and luxury in their everyday life.
Target Persona: 35 year-old James Blake is single and lives in Boston, MA. He is a stock Market analyst and drives an Audi A4.


Logo Design

The Qpasta logo is inspired by the shape of elbow noodles and designed to work as a die cut should it need to.


Photography Style

The custom photography is designed to carry the message of straight forward simplicity. It really drives home the idea that the ingredients are real, you can see them understand them and hold them.



The Q patten prints very subtly creating an elegant texture in the background. Per project specifications, a nutrition label was custom created using Adobe InDesign and a recipe with a photo is also included on the box. For the purposes of brand blocking, the package was left clear on the top half and the different flavors are denoted by shape rather than color, to add consistency to the brand.


Final Package Design

Use of shapes that can be die-cut to distinguish line extensions, emphasis on brand blocking in a category where competition is primarily kraft paper, blue, and red.


Line Extensions

To make an impact with brand blocking the types of pasta are denoted with die-cut geometric shapes.
The user experience ends up being very natural, it makes it very easy to tell what type of pasta is in the box.

BrieAnna Patrick