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I’m a graphic designer and photographer. I’m passionate (i.e. super nerdy) about branding and user experience.

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Emily Crenca Photography

Project Overview

Project Brief

Create a badge-style logo and a new website for Emily Crenca Photography with accompanying brand materials (business cards, letterhead, price sheets, and clothing).

Project Title:

Emily Crenca Photography


Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign


Logo: 3 Weeks<br /> Website: 2 Months<br /> Brand Materials: ongoing, as needed

Emily Crenca Photography

Design Challenge


Design Challenge/ Specs:

Create a badge-style logo that uses the whole name ``Emily Crenca Photography`` and the text ``estd 2007``

Emily wanted her logo to be inspired by her (then dream, now reality) of living in a van.

Must include Emily’s signature “x”

Mus include a tree



We landed on a distinctive triangle shape that felt just the right amount of campy.

The triangle is not common in the photography space, so it’s a highly recognizable shape even from a distance.

The primary location for the logo badge is the back of her (now) signature apparel.


The Brand

The Emily Crenca Photography brand is personal, Polaroid + travel inspired, and candid. We created business cards for her that look like a Polaroid, and include her handwritten contact info on the back.


The Website

The website is filled with beautiful photos (by Emily Crenca Photography of course!) and loads of personality and stories throughout to showcase Emily's personality.

I can help with that

Need a new logo? Website? Business Card?

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