Well, hello there!

I’m BrieAnna Patrick

I’m a graphic designer and photographer. I’m passionate (i.e. super nerdy) about branding and user experience.

Hi! I's so nice to see you here! I'm

BrieAnna Patrick

I'm a graphic designer and photographer. I'm passionate (i.e. super nerdy) about branding and user experience.

I love how brands take on personalities, just like people, and I love being able to use design to represent a vision and get them connected with the right people! Because, when you DO get a brand right AND put it in front of the right people, and of course represent the core values honestly, those brands take on a life of their own and it’s beautiful, people talk about them like they are a friend and use them as a vehicle to share their personality with the world, it’s pretty cool.

I love thinking about the person who would love a brand the most.

The things that we surround ourselves with and the choices we make say so much about us. As consumers, we have never as many choices as we have today, and I think brands help us navigate those choices, they let us say who we are, what we stand for, and even what and who we love!

I want to talk about YOUR brand, who are you speaking to? Are they Apple people or Samsung people? Do they wear Birkenstocks or Red Bottoms? How can we show YOUR people who you are and what makes you AWESOME?

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Brand Identity / Strategy

I develop custom visual identities and strategies for new and existing brands. Including but not limited to, style guides, logos, and social media strategy.



I am a lifestyle wedding and portrait photographer, I love love love working with people being on my feet and celebrating. I also use my photo skills to develop custom image styles for brands, and I do branded lifestyle shoots too!



Beyond developing the strategies and concepts for brands, I bring them to life. I create the content to back up the vision. From web design to print and everywhere in between, I can get the world fully immersed in your brand.

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BrieAnna Patrick